Orthopedic Elbow Treatment in Northern Michigan

Munson Healthcare’s orthopedic specialists offer expertise in complex elbow fracture management, dislocations, and stabilizations. From tennis elbow to trauma, top treatment options are available, including primary and revision elbow replacements.

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Elbow Dislocations

Dislocation of the elbow often happens as a result from a sports injury or fall but can happen during normal activity as well. An x-ray will help determine the extent and complexity of the dislocation and whether surgery is needed.

Elbow Joint Replacement

Elbow joint replacement is much less common than knee or hip replacement, but it is just as successful in relieving joint pain and returning people to activities they enjoy.

Fractures and Trauma

Fractures and trauma to the elbow can occur easily as the elbow doesn’t have a lot of protection from muscles and soft tissue and can be quite debilitating. Your provider will examine your arm and injuries and will determine if surgery is needed. Sometimes, an elbow fracture can be treated with a splint.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is due to overuse of the elbow, through regular activity or sports. With overuse, the tendons and muscles in the forearm become inflamed or damaged. Tennis elbow is often initially treated through nonsurgical methods and surgery is considered if the condition doesn’t improve over time. 

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