Robot-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery in Grayling and Traverse City

Don’t let your knees prevent you from enjoying all that Northern Michigan has to offer. If conservative treatment no longer provides the relief you’re looking for, your surgeon may recommend robot-assisted knee replacement surgery.

Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital and Munson Medical Center in Traverse City are now offering state-of-the-art ROSA robotic-assisted total knee replacement surgery. ROSA stands for Robotic Surgical Assistant and is designed to help your specially trained surgeon tailor the placement of your knee implant just for you.

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Robot-Assisted Orthopedic Surgeons

Michael VanWagner, DO, is performing robot-assisted orthopedic procedures for Munson Healthcare. Dr. VanWagner is a fellowship-trained surgeon who will design a personized plan that meets your specific knee or hip replacement needs.

Dr. Logan Hanson, Grayling Hospital

Michael J. VanWagner, DO
Orthopedic Surgery

“Using robot-assisted technology is a much more precise way of performing knee surgery. The robot assistant help us create and execute a custom surgical plan that’s unique to you. Bringing this technology to northern Michigan is wonderful for our community.”

Ask for Robot-Assisted Surgery at Grayling Hospital and Munson Medical Center

Robot-assisted orthopedic surgery is available when traditional joint replacement is not. If you’re not a candidate for traditional surgery due to the shape of your joint or because of a pre-existing implant or condition, ask for a robot-assisted surgery referral. 

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ROSA Technology for More Precise Knee Surgery

Robot-assisted surgery begins with a 3D x-ray of your damaged knee or hip. Our fellowship-trained surgeons use ROSA software to generate a digital template of your joint and develop your custom surgical plan.

During your procedure, a camera and optical trackers attached to your body will show the surgical team exactly where your joint is located on the operating table’s 3-dimesional space. ROSA technology allows your surgeon to consistently make adjustments in real time for a more accurate joint alignment and to help minimize soft tissue damage.

A precise knee implant fit is important to your comfort and overall experience following knee replacement surgery. Data collected before and during surgery informs your surgeon about your unique anatomy and how it may affect your implant fit. This data allows your surgeon to make more informed decisions and plan for and carry out a personalized surgery based upon your individual needs.

Keep in mind your surgeon has complete control of the robotic assistant at all times. He or she will prompt the robotic arms throughout the entire procedure to carry out your surgical plan with pinpoint accuracy.

A more precise procedure leads to more consistency among outcomes, including the potential for faster recovery and less pain. ROSA technology also eliminates the need for a CT scan, which means less radiation exposure.

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Partial and Total Joint Replacements

Robot-assisted surgery is available for both partial and total knee replacement surgeries. Hip replacement surgeries will be offered in the near future.

Comprehensive Surgical Aftercare in Grayling and Traverse City

Munson Healthcare specialists will coordinate both surgery and aftercare from one convenient place. This includes pre-surgery joint camp to help prepare you for surgery and post-surgery rehab with our Mary Free Bed experts.

Need help getting to and from appointments? Munson Healthcare nurse navigators will help get you where you need to be for a successful surgery and recovery close to home.

MyMobility with Apple Watch

Use Apple Watch technology and the MyMobility app provided at no charge to encourage the activity you need to fully recover. This technology will help monitor your progress and alert medical professionals of any accidental falls following your joint replacement surgery.