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Munson Healthcare is northern Michigan’s largest and leading health care system. Based in Traverse City, Mich., our team of medical experts, nine award-winning community hospitals, and related organizations serve people in 30 counties.

Munson Healthcare is the largest rural health care provider in the state of Michigan. In addition, about 60 percent of our annual revenue is derived from government payers (Medicare and Medicaid). While our focus and commitment remains providing the highest quality of care, closest to home to the residents of northern Michigan, we are also aware that public policy decisions can have a significant impact on the health care industry, including Munson Healthcare hospitals, affiliated providers, and the community members we serve.

As these public policy discussions unfold, we know that to have a say in their outcomes, we need to have a seat at the table. This means advocating for fair positions that provide our patients continued access to the highest quality of care, close to home in northern Michigan. 

We invite you to explore our stance on current proposals which could greatly impact our financial efficacy, and therefore, our patients and community.

What's New

Action Needed:  Call on Michigan Legislative Leadership and the Governor to Pass Rural Health Care Funding Now

It is critical that your voice be heard before the legislature breaks for its fall in-district work period that begins November 14th.  Please call Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer and ask that they:

  • Put their disagreements aside over issues like road funding or the State Administrative Board and pass a budget supplemental bill that funds rural healthcare. 
  • If the legislature and governor fail to act, Munson Healthcare is facing losing over $5,000,000 in this current fiscal year alone.
  • This will impact our ability to provide healthcare to over 500,000 people in Northern Michigan

What you can do: Please take a moment to call or email the Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield and Governor Gretchen Whitmer and ask them to pass rural health care funding before the fall in-district work period.  You can find our key points and how to reach these leaders here 


Action Needed:  Call on Congress to Pass Surprise Billing Legislation

Munson Healthcare is firmly committed to relieving patients of surprise medical bills.  We endorses legislative efforts at the state and federal level which would prohibit patients from out-of-pocket expense beyond the in-network deductibles and co-pays of their insurance plan. However, we are opposed to legislative provisions which set prices for resolving the balance of the out-of-network payment between the insurer and provider.

  • Please support eliminating surprise medical bills to patients, without imposing government rate-setting that gives insurers an unfair market advantage over hospitals and physicians. 
  • Protect patients while rejecting the rate-setting provisions contained in the legislation approved by the Senate HELP and House Energy and Commerce Committees.

What you can do: Contact your U.S. Senators and Representative and urge them protect patients from surprise medical bills and reject rate setting. Click here to find out more information about the importance of passing surprise billing legislation.

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