Medication Safety: You can save a life through responsible medication disposal 

Nearly 70 percent of people who misuse pain medications take them from an unsuspecting friend or relative. Play it safe with proper disposal of your unused prescription pills and old medicine.

How to Dispose of Your Unused or Expired Medication

Munson Healthcare offers free, safe medication disposal throughout northern Michigan. The drop-off process is simple and anonymous – you are not required to check in or provide any personal information to anyone, including your name.

To dispose of your unused or old medications, simply take them to a Munson Healthcare location near you and look for the blue MedSafe disposal bin (shown right). To use, simply pull down on the handle and drop your containers into the bin. To make drop-off easier, please consider the following tips:

  • The contents of the bin will be routinely collected and incinerated, so there is no need to peel prescription labels off of your med containers.
  • If you have numerous containers, you are welcome to place them all in a plastic or paper bag and then drop the bag into the MedSafe bin.

MedSafe Medication Disposal Near You

Acceptable Medications

  • Pills, tablets, and capsules
  • Ointments, creams, and lotions
  • Powders
  • 4 ounces or less of liquid medicines (kept in original container, wrapped in paper towel, and sealed in a bag)

What to Do with Old Sharps/Needles

We do not accept sharps in our MedSafe bins.

Holli Home Health of Traverse City collects sharps that are dropped off in a sturdy container, such as an empty coffee can or laundry soap bottle. Contact them at 231-943-1415 for more information.

Holli Home Health
2062 N, US 31
Suite A
Traverse City, MI

Safely Dispose of Medications at Home

The safest way to discard of medications is by using one of the MedSafe disposal containers listed above. However, you can also safely dispose of medication at home.

Learn how to safely dispose of medication in your household trash.

Our Commitment

Munson Healthcare is committed to helping end the opioid overdose crisis in our region. In addition to offering MedSafe bins at convenient locations throughout our region, we are focused on educating members of our community on the dangers of keeping unused or expired medications.