Pathology Electives

Pathology Elective 

Prerequisite: Fourth-year medical students who have successfully completed their Internal Medicine clerkship.


  • Complete a review of the basic concepts of pathology and histology through study of disease processes in current and archived patient material.
  • Understand the basic principles and patterns of histopathology used in evaluation of patient specimens in surgical pathology.
  • Demonstrate basic microscopy skills in the areas of cytology, hematology, and urinalysis.
  • Understand the role of autopsy in modern medicine.
  • Develop an appreciation for the interface between laboratory science and clinical medicine.
  • Obtain skills in the interpretation of various clinical laboratory studies for chemistry, immunopathology, and hematology/blood bank.
  • Participate with pathologists during performance of frozen section.

Clerkships may be tailored to the student's area of interest.