"The Traverse City campus was clearly the best choice for me and my husband. I can't imagine navigating and successfully completing the couples match without the expert help and endless support of Dr. Webster and Christy Lavene. From the moment I met the TC team, I could feel their enthusiasm for teaching. Beyond that, they were very invested in our wellbeing, both as students and as individuals. As my medical interests changed, the campus was able to provide opportunities to expand my experiences and my resume. The hands on learning and responsibility given to us as students encouraged us to expand our knowledge and constantly challenge ourselves. My fellow residents where I am training now are impressed by the amount of procedures I did as a student and the fact that I did the "real" work of an intern, dictating H&P's, Discharge Summaries and Consult Notes. In Traverse, City, your work as a student mattered and you were a valuable part of the team. It was impossible to not to learn!

Again, I cannot say how much I enjoyed living and working in Traverse City. Whenever I am back in town I visit Christy and Dr. Webster, because I feel they are both lifelong friends. "

Shanley O'Brien, MD, University of Kansas Medical Center
PGY II Internal Medicine Resident, MSU CHM Traverse City Campus, Class of 2013


"Training as a resident at a large tertiary academic center has even further convinced me that CHM's Traverse City campus gave me an outstanding educational experience. After working with medical students at the hospital where I currently train and talking with residents from other medical schools, I can tell you without a doubt that the opportunities and training provided at the TC campus are second to none. The degree of autonomy and ownership over my patients I had while still a student provided me with countless learning opportunities, forcing me to use and constantly sharpen my critical thinking skills. These skills are key for success in any field. I was much more comfortable managing patients as an intern than my co-residents because of this experience.

The faculty at the TC campus are highly engaging and truly care about their students education. As a student at the TC campus, you are continually engaged in the care of patients, both in decision making and in the OR as first assist. As an intern, I was far and away better in the OR than my surgical co-residents because of my experience in the TC. That's because as a student there, I was doing, not watching. I had sutured more in one day in the OR at Munson than most of my co-residents had their entire 2 month surgery rotations. During my ICU rotation in Alpena, I put in 10+ central lines. My senior residents were shocked to hear that I had even done 1, let alone 10. It is important to be comfortable with these procedures when managing an ICU as in intern.

Overall, my time at Munson Medical Center and the Traverse City campus set me up for success during my intern year and beyond. Beyond the training, TC is an awesome place to live. My wife and I hope to return some day to practice there! "

Trevor O'Brien, MD, University of Kansas Medical Center
PGY II Plastic Surgery Resident, MSU CHM Traverse City Campus, Class of 2013


"The Traverse City campus was an amazing learning experience. It taught me how to function as a true member of the medical team. We were so lucky to have close access from our attendings and learn directly from them. We were given the opportunity to carry our own patients, present on rounds, and develop our medical critical thinking skills. We also had the chance to preform many procedures and assist in surgeries, and get the hands on experience compared to most of our fellow residents.

On my first day of intern year I felt prepared and confident because of the wonderful preparation I received from the Traverse City campus and everyone at Munson Medical Center. Now that I’m finishing up my Med/Peds residency, I’m interviewing with several positions abroad with Baylor Global Health Corps, Partners in Health to serve in West African Ebola relief, as well as with an HIV adolescent clinic in Washington DC. "

Colleen Lane, MD, Wayne State University Detroit Medical Center
PGY IV Medicine Pediatrics Resident, MSU CHM Traverse City Campus, Class of 2011


"Choosing the Traverse City campus to spend my clinical years has been a very rewarding decision. The majority of my time was spent at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City yet I was able to rotate through many different inpatient and outpatient settings across Northern Michigan from Charlevoix to Alpena. The experience working directly with attending physicians and not having to "compete" with residents or other students for my education has been awesome. The clinical faculty members are very personable and passionate about providing medical education. The administrative staff are second-to-none. They have been very helpful from the beginning of my 3rd year and now throughout the residency application process.

Outside of all of that, Traverse City is a great place to live as well. The scenery is amazing and the city hosts numerous events and festivals year-round. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Traverse City and even hope to return someday to practice!"

Andrew Schaar
MSU CHM Traverse City Campus, 4th Yr. Medical Student


"I am so thankful I have been able to spend my 3rd and 4th years in Traverse City. As a student, you really become a part of the communities, not just in Traverse City, but in Charlevoix, Petoskey, and Alpena. One of the strengths of this campus is our faculty members and our campus support staff, who are really invested in us and help us navigate through our clinical years. Outside of the hospital, it is a beautiful place to live and there is always something going on downtown."

Rachel Mason
MSU CHM Traverse City Campus, 4th Yr. Medical Student


"As a practicing physician, being in northern Michigan is enjoyable because most everyone's patients have families who are committed to caring for them. Neighbors and friends often pitch in to take care of patients who do not have family in the area. Traverse City has a strong sense of community. Everyone at the hospital, from the physicians and nurses to the custodians and dietary workers wants to do the best job they can for the patients. All of us at Munson take a lot of pride in delivering excellent patient care."

Larry Warbasse, MD, Community Clerkship Director and Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
MSU College of Human Medicine


"The caliber of these students is extremely high, and physicians here are eager to assist in their education."

Daniel Webster, MD, Community Assistant Dean
MSU College of Human Medicine, Traverse City Campus