Research Electives

Research Elective 

Prerequisite: Fourth-year medical students.


  • Be able to search the research literature efficiently and use the literature to frame a research project.
  • Understand the process of experimental design and recognize the importance of research design in the success of a project.
  • Be able to determine appropriate statistical analysis techniques for the most widely used experimental designs.
  • Be able to plan and carry out a research project from concept development through data analysis and report writing.
  • Understand and appreciate the complexities of both cost-benefit and ethical issues in research.
  • Develop an appreciation for the entire research process and the planning and coordination it entails.

The focus of this elective is the development and, if possible, execution of a relatively independent research project as a means of understanding the entire research process in depth. The course will also stress the integration of research into medical practice. Appropriate readings and periodic discussions will be used to augment the guided project development effort. MSU students who have completed the third-year research curriculum may use this course to further enhance their skills. The elective is also available to students from other institutions.