REMEC Program Request - Internal

Complete this form to reserve a room at Munson Medical Center and space on the REMEC bridge for interactive (REMEC) programs only. You must complete a separate form for each program you are requesting.

If you have not received your facilitator/login and participant information within 24 hours of submitting this request, please call REMEC at 57944 to confirm your request has been received.

If you are submitting a request for a 2020 program you will receive your facilitator/login information at a later date.



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For Zoom requests, please Click on the Zoom Meetings Tab on the left, then Zoom Meeting Request. Complete the Request Form and submit. You do not need to complete the remainder of this form. Number of Callers  *Event Date  *Start Time (Please note AM or PM)  *End Time (please note AM or PM)  *Department Name  *Department Number  *Number of Participants at Munson  *Scheduler's Name/Extension  *Facilitator or Contact Name/Extension  *A-V Equipment Needs 

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Additional Notes/Comments (Please provide any additional information to help us provide the best experience possible.) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact REMEC at 5-7944 or