Charlevoix Hospital Leadership


Charlevoix Hospital Leadership

Charlevoix Hospital's Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team are comprised of talented, committed individuals with a single purpose - ensuring Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital fulfills its mission and vision to deliver the best possible care for our community.

Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital Community Healthcare Council

Thomas Veryser, DDS, Chair
Scott Beatty
Anna Young, MD
Kathleen Lauwers
Clif Porter
Geralyn Doskoch, MD
Phoebe Wietzke
Benjamin Muladore, Foundation Chair
Cathy Wonski, MD, Chief of Staff

Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital Foundation Board of Directors 

Benjamin Muladore, Chair 
Kristine Balasz 
Sally Campi 
Mary Jason 
Tom Veryser, DDS 
Cathy Wonski 
Joanne Schroeder, President & CEO, Charlevoix Hospital 
Debra Henderson, President, Munson Healthcare Foundations

Charlevoix Hospital Senior Leadership Team 

Kirsten Korth-White, President, East Region 
Joanne Schroeder, President. Charlevoix Hospital
Aditya Neravetla, MD, MSHAL, CPE, FACP, Chief Medical Officer, MHC East Region
Jennifer Standfest, Vice President & CNO of Patient Care Services
Stephanie Birgy, Regional Director of Finance-Community Hospitals 
Sandy Dilley, East Region Director of Human Resources