Community Benefit Report

Munson Healthcare’s nonprofit community hospitals qualify for tax exempt status because they provide major benefits to everyone who lives and works in northern Michigan.

Each year, Munson Healthcare provides millions of dollars in healthcare programs and education that benefit the community, as well as free, discounted, and unreimbursed healthcare services to individuals. Medically necessary care is always provided, regardless of a person’s ability to pay for that care. 

Community benefit programs are based on identified needs and designed to improve the health of those who live and work in northern Michigan. 

Everybody benefits from having a vital community hospital system. Learn how here.

Total Financial Support to Our Communities in 2016: $86.9M

$60.7 million total financial support to our communities

$26 million in other significant financial contributions


10 Benefits for Our Communities in 2016


Community Health Education

12,960 people benefited from community health education programs and resources.


Community-Based Clinical Services

982 people benefited from community-based clinical services.


Healthcare Support Services

17,016 people received healthcare support services.


Transportation Services

210 people received a ride to cancer treatment therapy.


Family Support Services

16,920 families received support enrolling in public programs.


Health Professions Education

646 health professionals received continuing education from Munson Healthcare.


Community Building Activities

Munson Healthcare contributed to 362 community building activities.



$685,465 was spent on research including cancer registry, cardiology, and oncology.

$2.5 million

Charity Care

Munson Healthcare provided $2.5M in charity care - a full write off of hospital costs - to those in our community who qualified and were unable to pay.


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Complete community benefit report