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New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates for Northern Michigan

COVID-19 is top of mind for many as it is currently sweeping the globe. We want to assure you that as northern Michigan’s largest healthcare provider, our focus is the safety of our healthcare team, patients, and communities. COVID-19 is no exception to that commitment. We are fully prepared across our Munson Healthcare hospitals and facilities to address COVID-19 as well as any additional health needs that come our way.

We are honored to be your trusted healthcare partner.

COVID-19 is here. It’s time to ACT.

COVID-19 cases are once again rising nationwide - only this time, the surge is happening here in our region. The time to ACT is now, northern Michigan. Together, we can beat this and get back to normal sooner!

Avoid CVID-19 Today

COVID-19 is a Statewide Emergency

Munson Healthcare President and CEO Ed Ness and leaders from Beaumont Health, Spectrum Health, Henry Ford Health System, and UP Health System held a joint press conference to share the current status of COVID-19 and its impact on healthcare organizations across the state.

COVID-19 Concerns Escalate at Munson Healthcare

On Monday, November 9, Munson Healthcare elevated our COVID-19 pandemic response plan to Orange, which is the second highest stage possible. Learn more about what this means across the healthcare system.

COVID-19 Concerns Grow

Michigan Healthcare Systems Issue Joint Statement on COVID-19 Policies

The Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHA) has released a joint statement by physician leaders of hospitals and healthcare systems throughout Michigan. The letter includes 28 signatures that represent 110 of Michigan’s 137 hospitals, including Munson Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Dr. Christine Nefcy. The statement makes it clear that, regardless of state law, executive orders or local public health directives, hospitals and healthcare systems across the state are standing as a united front in our policies and interventions that will help fight the spread of COVID-19. It also emphasizes that the recent jump in COVID-19 cases across Michigan puts our entire healthcare system at risk of another capacity crisis and asks the public to join us in taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

Munson Healthcare COVID-19 Tracker

At the onset of the pandemic, Munson Healthcare reported information specific to patients tested or treated at a Munson Healthcare facility. Now that testing is more widely available throughout northern Michigan, we have updated our report to reflect the same data reported by the State of Michigan. The data below summarizes COVID-19 testing and cases across all of northern Michigan.

We hope this information will be helpful to you in understanding the impact of this pandemic on our region. New data is published Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.

Please note that local health departments report COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths based on an individual’s county of residence, not where an individual may have been treated. Not all confirmed cases or deaths occurred at a Munson Healthcare facility.

Thank you for doing your part to stop the spread of COVID-19 in northern Michigan.  

COVID-19 Cases for Northern Michigan

  • Confirmed COVID-19 Cases: 10,842
  • Confirmed COVID-19 Deaths: 205

Data source from: 11/28/20

Patients in an MHC Facility

Patients currently in an MHC hospital: 76

  Patients Tested Positive Currently in the Hospital
Cadillac Hospital 19
Charlevoix Hospital 1
Grayling Hospital 5
Manistee Hospital 5
Munson Medical Center 44
Otsego Memorial Hospital 2

Data source from: 11/30/20

Munson Healthcare COVID-19 Map

For More Information

We will continue to provide regular updates on our website and you can also follow our hospitals on Facebook for the latest news. For even more resources, visit:

If you have general health-related questions about COVID-19, call 231-935-0951 to access our Munson Healthcare information line. You can also call the State of Michigan new coronavirus (COVID-19) hotline at 1-888-535-6136.

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