COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Last Updated: 3.2.21

As the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services changes the way they allocate vaccine across the state, Munson Healthcare anticipates receiving fewer first doses in the coming weeks.

At this time, we are currently not scheduling any additional first dose clinics. We are continuously evaluating supply availability.

The COVID-19 vaccine that Munson Healthcare has in stock will be given to people already scheduled for first and second doses. If you received your first dose from Munson Healthcare, you will be able to receive your second dose at your scheduled time. 

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work with our state and local partners on this current situation and a long-term community vaccination plan. Munson Healthcare is committed to supporting the vaccination efforts for our Northern Michigan communities. 

Munson Healthcare will share updates on this page as the situation changes. 

How to Schedule a Vaccination

Please visit your local health department’s website for scheduling or wait list options. If you have barriers to internet access or other constraints, please call the Aging Hotline at 231-715-5557. 

Munson Healthcare will be communicating any updates on the current and future vaccine availability as soon as information is available. Continue to check here for information..

Regional Health Departments

Benzie-Leelanau District Health Department
District Health Department #10
Grand Traverse County Health Department
Health Department of Northwest Michigan


As we learn more, we will continue to keep you updated. We know these are stressful times, and many people in our communities are eager to protect themselves from COVID-19. We appreciate your patience as we work with our regional health departments to get the vaccine to our populations. Below are some FAQs with the latest information that we know.  

Vaccine Availability in Northern Michigan

Learn more about the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine in northern Michigan, including:

  • When to expect the COVID-19 vaccine in Northern Michigan
  • Who is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine first
  • When the COVID-19 vaccine will be available to the general public
  • Why safety precautions and wearing PPE is critical to combating the virus, even after getting the COVID-19 vaccine
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Vaccine Safety

Learn more about why the COVID-19 vaccine is safe, including:

  • How a safe vaccine can be developed so quickly
  • The process of approving the COVID-19 vaccine
  • The potential side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Why you should continue to wear a mask after getting the COVID-19 vaccine
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About Different COVID-19 Vaccines

Learn more about authorized and recommended COVID-19 vaccines as they become available, including:

  • The effectiveness of different COVID-19 vaccines
  • Possible side-effects of different COVID-19 vaccines
  • How different COVID-19 vaccines are administered
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Questions You May Have Once the COVID-19 Vaccine is Widely Available

Learn more about how the COVID-19 vaccine works and what to expect, including:

  • Why the COVID-19 vaccine cannot give you COVID-19
  • Why the COVID-19 vaccine will not cause you to test positive
  • Whether the COVID-19 vaccine will prevent you from getting COVID-19
  • Whether you may need to pay to get the COVID-19 vaccine
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After Receiving Your COVID-19 Vaccination

Learn about what to expect after you have received a COVID-19 vaccination and how you can continue to protect your health. Topics include:

  • Symptoms you may experience
  • When to call your doctor
  • Continuing to ACT
  • Addressing your stress
  • Staying connected
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