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COVID-19 Survivor Stories

Published on Jan. 02, 2022

COVID-19 survivor munson healthcare

Almost two years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down. Schools closed down, work places went remote, events and travel plans were cancelled, and stay-at-home orders went into effect. Social distancing, masking, vigorous handwashing, and quarantining are now every day norms.

There have been a lot of challenges and loss over the last two years, but there are also bright lights and people who have defied the odds. Our Munson Healthcare team has been working around the clock to save lives and help our patients recover. Many of our patients have survived despite lengthy hospital stays and other medical conditions, because of our team’s skill and dedication.

Cause for Celebration

Munson Medical Center recently celebrated a significant milestone: the discharge of our 500th COVID-19 patient home. MMC President and CEO Matt Wille sent the following message to staff:

“Think about how sick and scared each of these patients must have been when they came to us. Now, think about the relief and joy that has been created thanks to the skilled actions and reassuring presence of our people. It is difficult to measure the profound impact you’ve had on so many lives. It is a privilege to be associated with such an exceptional and dedicated group of people.”

Returning Home

Upon hearing this, Kim Johnson, a peer recovery coach at Munson Medical Center, shared that her father was one of those 500 people who got to return home to their family. Here’s what she had to say:COVID-19 survivor munson healthcare

“My dad is one of the 500 people that was saved from this hospital! He spent 9 days here with our amazing staff that took excellent care of him. The staff were wonderful to my dad and I am forever grateful! My dad is 82 years old and has had 2 kidney transplants and he is also now a COVID-19 survivor!! Please let the staff know that they are so appreciated!”

A Quick Turnaround

We also heard from community member Brenda Fagan, whose husband recovered from COVID-19:

“My husband, who is 62, suffered at home a couple days with COVID-19, but he was so very sick and has heart and asthma issues so I called East Bay Ambulance. He was at Munson Medical Center for 8 days. I wasn’t sure he was going to make it, but with the amazing staff tending to him he recovered after three weeks. I am so grateful to Munson Medical Center and the entire staff for taking exceptional care of him.”

These are just the kinds of messages our healthcare heroes need to know they are appreciated and that their extraordinary efforts are improving lives every day.

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