Vaccines: Are You Up to Date? Recommended Vaccines at Any Age

Tens of thousands of Americans become ill, develop severe health complications, and even die each year from diseases that could be prevented by vaccines. Our best protection against these diseases at any age is to get updated on recommended vaccines. Vaccinations protect you and your loved ones against vaccine-preventable diseases that could be harmful or even life-threatening. The vaccines that you need to help strengthen your immune system against these potentially deadly diseases vary by age. Learn more about the important vaccines for children and adults.

   Vaccines for Adults  Vaccines for Children

COVID-19 Vaccination in Northern Michigan

COVID-19 vaccine eligibility in Michigan is open to anyone 5 years old and up. Learn more on where and how to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine

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Current Disease Outbreaks in Northern Michigan

Every day we come into constant contact with the germs that cause preventable diseases like whooping cough, chicken pox, measles, and more. Although it is often believed that these are diseases of the past we no longer need to worry about, outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases can and do still happen in our communities – especially when vaccine rates are low, leaving higher numbers of people vulnerable to both getting and spreading these diseases.

Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

Vaccines go through a careful testing process before they receive approval in the U.S. Scientists and doctors with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluate clinical studies and their results to ensure the vaccines are both safe and effective before they’re officially licensed. Following approval and licensure, both the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) practice continued monitoring of the vaccines to promote ongoing safety.

Which Vaccines Are Best for You and Your Family?

Learn which vaccines are best for you and your family, depending on your age, lifestyle, and/or health conditions by talking to your family doctor – or find a clinic near you. 

Vaccines aren’t just for children. That’s because certain vaccines wear off over time. Are you up-to-date on your adult vaccines? Take this quiz to find out.

Low-Cost Vaccines

Download Immunization Records from the MDHHS Michigan Immunization Portal

If you’re age 18 or older and have been immunized in Michigan, you may be able to download your Immunization Record from the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR).

Visit the Michigan Immunization Portal at or to locate any existing record within MICR that matches your government-issued photo ID. Examples of acceptable ID include:

  • Driver’s License
  • State ID
  • Passport

To maintain privacy, you will be asked to create or sign in to your MILogin account and upload photo ID. Your immunization record will appear as a .pdf document you may download, save, or print.

If an immunization record can’t be found, please reach out to your primary care provider’s office or local health department. Parents of children under 18 should also request immunization records from your child’s physician or a local health department.