What are the Benefits of the Flu Shot?

The flu shot has proven benefits for people of all ages and is your best defense against the influenza virus. Each year, the flu vaccine prevents millions of adults and children from getting sick with this serious and potentially life-threatening virus.

Several studies have shown that the flu shot provides the safest and most effective form of flu prevention. The flu vaccine reduces you and your loved ones’ risk of getting influenza by 40 – 60%, according to the CDC.

Here are some other surprising facts about the flu shot:

  • Reduces adult risk of being admitted to the ICU with the flu by 82% (Source: 2018 CDC-supported study)
  • Reduces adult risk of hospitalization due to flu by 37% (Source: Source: 2018 CDC-supported study)
  • Various studies associate flu vaccination with reduced chance of cardiac events for people with heart disease
  • For people with diabetes, COPD, and other chronic lung diseases, the flu vaccine is associated with reduced hospitalizations due to worsening symptoms (Source: CDC)
  • pregnant woman in waiting room

    Pregnant women who received a flu shot showed a 40% less chance of being hospitalized by flu (2018 study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases)

  • Several studies support that a flu shot during pregnancy can help protect babies from the flu several months following birth
  • The flu shot reduced flu-related death in children by 65% in a 2017 study (Source: 2017 CDC study)
  • Flu shots reduced flu-related pediatric ICU admissions by 74% (Source: 2014 study published in Journal of Infectious Diseases)

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