Amazing New Beginnings, Delivered throughout Northern Michigan

The best thing you can do to prepare for a healthy child is to pay close attention to your own health. Even before you are expecting, making healthy choices – getting plenty of rest, eating well, exercising, and quitting smoking and other substances – strengthens your body for the amazing task of growing a new life.

From a healthy pregnancy to a safe delivery and the first precious days with your child, we will be at your side to answer your questions, provide expert medical care, and get your family off to a great start in a safe, comfortable environment. Here are a few first steps to assist you throughout this journey:

Jumpstart Your Prenatal Care

Learn more about each trimester and what to expect from Healthy Futures.

If you're struggling with substance abuse, we understand quitting can be difficult. We're here to help you start a healthier lifestyle. Whether you're thinking about getting pregnant, or you're now expecting, it's a good time to make positive life changes that can help give your baby a great start. Find resources at Healthy Futures

New Technology for OB/GYN Clinics

New technology available during prenatal appointments is giving customized feedback and recommendations to expectant moms. Learn more about this tool, brought to OB/GYN clinics across northern Michigan thanks to a $65,000 Blue Cross Blue Shield grant, in this segment of Your Health Matters on 7&4 News. Video courtesy 7&4 News.

Sign Up for Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes


Childbirth Classes Near You


You may also call 800-533-5520 or call the childbirth educator at your local hospital.   

Learn About Your Community Hospital Birth Center

Cadillac Hospital Family Birth Center

Charlevoix Hospital Birthing Center

Grayling Hospital Maternal and Newborn Center

Munson Medical Center Family Birth Center

Otsego Memorial Hospital Birthing Center

Munson Healthcare Continues Care After Delivery

A healthy delivery starts with a healthy pregnancy. We're here for you each step and after your baby is born.

After Your Baby is Born

What should you expect after your baby is born? A lot happens after your baby is born, from screenings to immunizations and the first visit with the pediatrician. Learn more so you know what to expect the first few hours and days after you welcome your new bundle.

Breastfeeding Support

Are you interested in breastfeeding your baby? The support for feeding your new baby is waiting for you. 


A stay in the NICU is not always in your birth plan, but we're here when you need it. Learn more about the NICU at Munson Medical Center so you are prepared in case this becomes part of the care plan for your baby.