Cadillac Hospital Family Birth Center


Cadillac Hospital Family Birth Center

The safe arrival of your baby means everything to you. You and your support person will still be screened upon entry and asked to wear a mask for added protection. At Cadillac Hospital’s Family Birth Center, where our compassionate health care team serves as leaders in maternal quality and safety, it’s also our greatest priority.

Every member of our experienced maternity staff is required to be certified in fetal monitoring and many team members hold additional specialty certifications related to obstetrics and newborn care. You and your baby are in the very best hands when you deliver at our Family Birth Center.


Cadillac Hospital
Family Birth Center

Address: 400 Hobart St.
Cadillac, MI 49601

Phone: 231-876-7820


Each year, more than 300 births take place at our Family Birth Center, a calming, home-like environment that allows our families to experience labor, delivery, postpartum, and recovery all in one comfortable room. You can expect an expert team that truly cares about you, your baby, and your family. We are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to doing everything we can to provide the childbirth experience you’ve been planning. And our families let us know how we’re doing – we are proud to routinely receive high ratings from our patients.

Awards and Recognition

Our commitment to ensuring safety throughout labor, delivery, and recovery is behind our numerous awards and recognition. It’s also the reason why health care teams at other hospitals reach out to us, to learn how best to care for growing families. Our team has recently been recognized in the following ways:

  • Platinum designation from the Michigan Alliance for Innovation for Maternal Health
  • Achievement of all newborn screening performance goals set by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
  • Hepatitis B Birth Dose Honor Roll, from the Immunization Action Coalition
  • Blue Care Distinction for Maternity Care
  • Lowest NTSV rates in northern Michigan (Lowest Primary C-section rates)

Prenatal Care

Expectant mothers in the Cadillac area receive top-notch prenatal care at the Cadillac OB/GYN Clinic. The team of four physicians and four midwives welcome all mothers and offer many services right in the practice that other rural hospitals cannot offer.

This includes an ultrasound room and onsite laboratory. 

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Preparing for the Big Day

We offer the following as you prepare to welcome your new baby:

  • Virtual childbirth education classes that focus on physiological techniques for natural labor and delivery – you will learn how to work with your body to achieve the birth experience you desire. We have a 4-week session or one-day "labor refresher"
  • Virtual Breastfeeding classes are also available
  • Tours of the maternity unit
  • Virtual one-on-one meetings to prepare for your scheduled C-section, to best prepare for postpartum and a seamless recovery

Labor and Delivery

Here’s what to expect with your childbirth experience at the Family Birth Center:

  • One-to-one registered nursing care during active labor
  • Locked maternity unit that provides safety and security
  • A home-like environment featuring large, private patient rooms with comfortable furnishings, artwork, and furniture (including reclining sofas and chairs for your support person)
  • For those who qualify, NOVII fetal monitoring is a wireless device that allows you to easily get up and move around while in labor
  • Water therapy, including a Jacuzzi tub and massage showers
  • Variety of pain management options including intrathecal, epidural, IV sedation, and nitrous oxide
  • Dedicated C-Section Suite within our maternity unit, providing a smooth continuum of care as well as recovery in your own room in the Family Birth Center
  • Our nurses are cross-trained as operating room nurses, so you'll have the same nurses throughout your C-Section

Your Baby is Here!

Following childbirth, we provide:

  • “Golden Hour” immediately following birth, which provides special time and allows you and your support person to bond with your baby
  • Choice of a “Queen’s Meal” – a gourmet meal –  or a fruit basket to both you and your support person
  • Specialized education to you from nurses who teach, demonstrate, and help you and your family learn more about: bathing, dressing, and feeding your infant; safety, health, and wellness; and understanding your baby’s emotional and developmental needs
  • A transitional nursery for babies, should yours require additional monitoring and care
  • Hearing and critical congenital heart disease screenings for all newborns, and breastfeeding support programs for all new moms

Support After Birth

  • Virtual group called Baby Steps, led by a nurse specializing in postpartum depression, for those seeking this assistance. This program was started by a nurse at Cadillac Hospital who wanted to provide support for moms after going through postpartum depression.
  • Online support from Healthy Futures, a free family support program that helps answer questions and assists families in finding services and resources in the community

Safe Maternity Care Throughout Northern Michigan

Families from many communities travel to Cadillac Hospital Family Birthing Center for care that exceeds national standards. We are grateful to serve families in Big Rapids, Cadillac, Manistee, Lake City, Evart and the surrounding communities in northern Michigan.

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