Maternity FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Maternity Units

Do I need to bring my own birth ball? No

No, our facilities offer tools to support labor, including birth balls, peanut balls, birth bars, squatting bars and stools.

Is there a cot available for my support person?

Yes, all our facilities offer home-like furniture for your support person to rest. A yoga mat or camp pad from home may help provide extra comfort.

Do I have to share a room or bathroom?

No, all our OB/Maternity departments offer private rooms with an attached bathroom. Support persons are welcome to use patient room facilities, shower, etc.

Is there a deep tub available for use in labor?

All rooms are equipped with showers, removable sprayers, and a seat for you to labor comfortably in the water. Some have a tub or deep tub option.

Do I need to bring a diaper bag with supplies for my baby?

No, diapers and wipes are provided.

Do I need to bring my own peri-care supplies?

No, Munson hospitals provide all necessary peri-care supplies. You may bring preferred supplies, if desired.

Can I wear my own clothes?

Gowns and robes are provided, but you may choose to wear what’s most comfortable for you.

Can I give birth in a tub?

While laboring in warm water can be helpful and provide comfort. It’s safest for you and your baby to deliver in the birth suite where medical equipment is available, if needed.

Is there a Lactation consultant available to help with breastfeeding?

Following the birth of your baby, your Munson Healthcare team will help you learn to feed your baby. You will have multiple opportunities for support and learning with a certified lactation specialist while in the hospital. All our nurses also have advanced lactation training and can help.

Do I need to bring my breast pump

No. Pumps are available at the hospital, if needed. You are welcome to bring a pump from home if you have questions about setup.

Do I need to bring my own formula?

We provide formula, if preferred or needed.

Will a nurse help install the car seat?

Due to greater access to certified child passenger safety technicians is some areas, your hospital of birth may or may not provide this service. Regardless, we recommend you acquire this skill before your newborn’s arrival. Please locate a certified technician for free assistance in the use and installation of your car seat, as well as an opportunity to practice with a doll. Visit or Find a Technician to schedule an appointment or call 231-947-3000 ext. 1234 if further assistance is needed.

Additional Resources


Munson Healthcare offers free, virtual breastfeeding, childbirth, and baby care classes, with some in-person offerings available by location. In addition, small-group maternity tours are available at some locations:

  • Munson Medical Center: Register online.
  • Cadillac Hospital: Contact the maternity unit directly at 231-876-7820
  • Charlevoix Hospital: Contact the maternity unit directly at 231-547-8575
  • Grayling Hospital: Contact the maternity unit directly at 989-348-0415
  • Otsego Memorial Hospital: Contact the maternity unit directly at 989-731-2112

Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures is a free family support program that helps answer questions and assists families in finding services and resources in the community, including:

  • Education and home visits from a nurse in your community
  • Monthly educational information in the mail or by text message offering tips, encouragement, and developmental milestones up to age five
  • 1:1 support for feeding, sleep, safety, and more


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