What to Bring to the Hospital for Maternity Patients


What to Bring to the Hospital

As you approach the time to deliver your baby, you'll want to be ready for your hospital stay. Here's a packing list of recommended items to bring to the hospital.

Suggested Essentials for Mom and Baby

  • Copies of birth plan (if you have it)
  • List of any medications and dosages that you routinely take
  • Maternity or loose panties and comfortable pajamas, robe or clothing to wear after delivery
  • Slippers or socks with non-skid grips and oversized socks
  • Personal hygiene items, toothbrush, shampoo, hairbrush, lip balm, hair band/clip, etc.
  • Loose-fitting clothes and oversized shoes for mom to wear home (expect swollen feet)
  • Weather appropriate clothes, socks/booties, and receiving blanket for your baby’s trip home Consider a heavy blanket for over the car seat during cold seasons
  • The name of the pediatrician you have chosen to care for your baby
  • Hair dryer, if desired
  • Music, earbuds, and chargers
  • If desired, a baby book. Your healthcare team will help you complete birth weight and length details and provide a footprint

For added comfort, you may choose to bring:

  • Nursing clothes and bras
  • Extra pillows or preferred blankets
  • Devices for entertainment (WiFi available)
  • Aromatherapy oil/diffuser

Partner Packing List

  • Comfy Clothes/layers  
  • Toiletries  
  • Bathrobe/slippers  
  • Comfortable footwear for walking in the halls/to cafeteria 
  • Snacks/gum/breath mints 
  • Handheld massager/tennis ball  
  • Yoga mat/camping pad for added comfort
  • Money for cafeteria meals or vended items

What the Hospital Provides

While you may choose to bring your own, the hospital provides many essentials and care supplies needed during and after labor, including: 

  • A birth ball, peanut ball, birth bar, squatting bar and stool 
  • Hospital gowns
  • Sanitary pads, postpartum panties, and peri-care supplies
  • Towels
  • Diapers and wipes for baby
  • Cap, receiving blankets, and t-shirt for baby
  • Formula, if preferred or needed

What to Leave at Home

All valuables, including personal items (money, jewelry, documents, or other articles of value) should be left at home.

To most safely manage your care, it is important that your provider be aware of any medications you are taking and manage the timing of administration. Rather than bringing medications to the hospital, provide your care team with a list of medications you routinely take and their dosages. Your provider will make sure you have medications needed while at the hospital. 

Car Seat

Woman with newborn baby in a carseat Due to greater access to certified child passenger safety technicians in some areas, your hospital of birth may or may not provide this service. Regardless, we recommend you acquire this skill before your newborn’s arrival. Please locate a certified technician for free assistance in the use and installation of your car seat, as well as an opportunity to practice with a doll. Visit Safekids.org/events or Find a Technician to schedule an appointment or call 231-947-3000 ext. 1234 if further assistance is needed.