What to Bring to the Hospital

As you approach the time to deliver your baby, you'll want to be ready for your hospital stay. Here's a packing list of recommended items to bring to the hospital.

Essentials for Mom

  1. Robe
  2. Slippers with non-skid grips
  3. Maternity or loose panties
  4. Personal hygiene items, toothbrush, shampoo, hair brush, etc.
  5. Extra pillows
  6. Loose-fitting clothes for mom to wear home
  7. Weather appropriate clothes and receiving blanket for your baby’s trip home
  8. The name of the pediatrician you have chosen to care for your baby

Car Seat

Woman with newborn baby in a carseatYou are responsible for providing a car seat appropriate for the age and size of your newborn. It is recommended you contact a certified car seat technician for free assistance in the use and installation of your car seat during your last trimester. Your infant will not be discharged from the hospital unless a car seat has been installed. Contact Safekids.org or call 231-922-4843 to schedule an appointment.

Optional Items for Mom 

  1. Nursing gowns and nursing bras
  2. Hair dryer
  3. Camera
  4. Family/friend phone numbers
  5. Cell phone
  6. Laptop (WIFI available)

What the Hospital Provides

  1. Hospital gowns and robe
  2. Sanitary pads and postpartum panties
  3. Towels
  4. Diapers and wipes for baby
  5. Cap for baby
  6. Receiving blankets and t-shirt for baby

What to Leave at Home

All valuables, including personal items (money, jewelry, documents, or other articles of value) should be left at home.