Infant Feeding


Infant Feeding

Infant at mother's breast While breastfeeding is part of our natural biology, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will come ‘naturally.’ Breastfeeding is a learned behavior between a parent and their child and can take time, practice, and adjustments before getting it right. Because each child is different, even experienced parents might need help with each new baby. The way you choose to feed your baby will be supported by our care team.

Healthy Futures

For over 20 years, Healthy Futures has helped parents and babies have a healthy start. This includes an optional postpartum home visit, phone calls, text messages, and newsletters with age-appropriate information based on your stage in pregnancy or the age of your child. This free program is available to all new parents in Northern Michigan and provides one-on-one support and information on feeding, sleep, immunization, safety, and more, and is made possible through a partnership of Munson Healthcare, local health departments, and provider offices.

It’s normal for parents who cannot or do not wish to breastfeed to have questions about feeding their baby. This might include choosing the right formula, safe storage, or best practices. We’re standing by to support, no matter how you choose to feed your baby.

To get the most out of the program, sign up as soon as you learn you are expecting. Healthy Futures provides information to parents of children up to five years of age.

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Committed to You at Each Step of the Way

Prepare to Breastfeed

You don’t have to wait until your baby arrives to begin preparing for feeding. Explore online resources or register for a class to learn the basics and start practicing.

Register for a Class

Join our free breastfeeding class. Experienced lactation educators teach positions and latch, what to expect, possible difficulties, transitioning to work, and more.

Explore Healthy Futures

Learn the basics of breastfeeding by exploring Healthy Futures online resources.

Support After Delivery

Newborn and mother in hospital Following the birth of your baby, your Munson Healthcare team will help you learn to feed your baby. Our teams prioritize skin-to-skin contact after delivery and will help your baby latch for the first time. Following these first moments with your baby, you will have multiple opportunities for support and learning with a certified lactation specialist while in the hospital. All of our nurses also have lactation training and can help. Formula options are available at the hospital if needed or preferred.

Help After You Bring Your Baby Home

Newborn and father Even with preparation and practice, additional support is often needed. Scheduling a home visit is one of the best ways to receive 1:1 support, practice the techniques you learned in class, catch any issues early, and ensure your feeding journey is off to a great start. A nurse with lactation training and experience will meet you where you are and on your schedule. Sign up for Healthy Futures before your baby arrives to receive tips and information throughout your pregnancy. But it’s never too late to sign up after your baby arrives.

Free Home Visiting Program

The Munson Medical Center warm line is supported by Certified Lactation consultants who can also help over the phone or connect you with local resources.

Call 231-935-2591

In-person breastfeeding consultations are also available through Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital. Call the maternity unit at 231-876-7820 for immediate, 24/7 assistance or ask your OB or Pediatrician provider for a referral to breastfeeding support.

Health Questions? Ask-A-Nurse

Have another health-related question and not sure where to go? Get FREE expert health information from a registered nurse. When you have symptoms or you're just not sure.

Available 24 hours a day, every day, to residents and visitors in Michigan. No insurance required. Call 231-935-0951 or submit a general health question.