High-Risk Pregnancies


Support and Safety for High-Risk Pregnancies

Pregnant woman with her doctor Munson Healthcare’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine program provides guidance and comfort to women throughout northern Michigan who are in a high-risk pregnancy situation, from preconception to postpartum.

We want the very best for your pregnancy and your baby and we will work closely with your obstetrician or family doctor to ensure the best outcome. We offer an added level of support – and an extra layer of safety – for you and your baby.

Our service focuses on maternal and fetal risk factors, including genetic, fetal growth, and structural differences. After a referral from your OB provider, you can expect medical consultation, counseling and education, diagnostic testing, and procedural techniques tailored to support you and your baby.

Expert Care

Munson Healthcare partners with University of Michigan Health to provide a full complement of clinical and consultative Maternal-Fetal Medicine services to our communities across northern Michigan.

This partnership includes in-person visits at Munson Medical Center, telemedicine consults, asynchronous ultrasound and around-the-clock consultation from Michigan Medicine’s team of Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists.

From pre-conception to post-partum, high-risk pregnant patients and their unborn babies will have greater access to specialty care, closer to home. Michigan Medicine’s expertise in fetal surgery and other sub-specialties will help expand Munson Healthcare’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine program.