Munson Medical Center Family Birth Center

Munson Medical Center’s Family Birth Center houses the 19-bed Maternity Unit, the 22-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and the Healthy Futures program.

The Family Birth Center features spacious, private birthing rooms where you and your baby will spend your stay in the hospital. Your room is fully equipped with the technical equipment needed to support your birth experience. Each room is large enough to allow your family to spend time with you and your baby and practice new parenting skills with the help of specially trained nurses. To support family learning and bonding, sleeping arrangements in the room can be made for one additional adult.

MMC Awarded for Excellence in Maternity Care

Munson Medical Center earned a 2019 Maternity Care Excellence Award from the Economic Alliance for Michigan, a non-profit group comprised of Michigan’s largest employers, for demonstrated excellence in maternity care and delivery outcomes. MMC was one of nine hospitals to be recognized.

The awards are part of EAM’s Maternity Care Project, which aims to reduce the rate of unnecessary C-sections in the state, decrease infant mortality, and reduce elective early deliveries. Hospitals were evaluated based on their cesarean rates, episiotomy rates, elective early delivery rates, and maternity care processes.


For the safety of our patients and healthcare team, visitation restrictions are in effect. View our current visitation policy

Visitor Restrictions

Security for Your Baby in the Hospital

Newborn baby feet

The Family Birth Center  provides a highly secure environment for infants. Confidential room assignments, video monitoring of exits, electronic security bands worn by all infants, and locked entrances to the unit all help keep newborns safe.

Childbirth and Baby Care Classes

As you prepare for the birth of your baby, it is important to learn what to expect and how to care for your baby and yourself. Our highest priority is ensuring that you have all the information you need to keep both you and your baby safe and healthy.

Childbirth Preparation Class

Education promotes a positive birth experience for you and your support person by preparing you both for the birth of your child. This class includes the norms and variations of labor and delivery; emotional and physical challenges; coping skills; pain medication options; cesarean birth; and postpartum care of mother and baby. A one-day class or 4-week series are available. 

Baby Care Essentials Class

This one-night class will help you and your partner learn more details about what to expect immediately after delivery as well as in your child’s first few weeks. Practice with bathing, diapering and holding will give you greater confidence about going home with your baby. Understanding normal newborn development will allow you to more confidently set the pace with your infant’s immature nervous system. Home and travel safety considerations are also discussed.


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Breastfeeding Services

Munson Medical Center offers several resources for breastfeeding success:

  • Certified lactation consultants, along with knowledgeable nursing staff, will help you get off to a good start while in the hospital.
  • Once you go home, you can have your questions answered by a certified lactation consultant by calling our warm line at 231-935-2591.
  • Appointments are also available through the Munson Breastfeeding Clinic when professional assistance is needed. Please call 231-935-2591.

Breastfeeding Preparation Class

Mom with her newborn baby and older childAlthough breastfeeding is instinctive, it is also a learned skill. Preparation and education encourage a successful experience. Areas of focus include: health benefits for mother and baby; positioning and correct latch; what to expect in the hospital; possible early difficulties and returning to work; along with practical tips and community support. Pregnant women and their partners are encouraged to attend this one-night class. Find a class.

Breastfeeding Clinic

If you experience breastfeeding issues once you go home that cannot be addressed with a warm line discussion, appointments with a certified lactation consultant are available daily. Lactation consultants have afternoon hours available for individual breastfeeding assistance at the Breastfeeding Clinic, located on the second floor of the hospital (C2). Help is available for feeding issues, pre and post-weight checks, and for questions regarding a successful breastfeeding experience. Call 231-935-2591 for an appointment or questions. For immediate or urgent concerns, please call your health care provider.

Breastfeeding Support Group

A lactation consultant or registered nurse, along with other mothers, will provide pregnant and breast-feeding women reassurance and answers. Please come share your experiences in this informal, friendly setting. There is no charge to attend. Class meets from 2 - 3:30 pm on Mondays at Foster Family Community Health Center. View our schedule.

Immunization Program

Munson Medical Center’s Immunization Program can help you get the remainder of your baby’s immunizations. This program provides free vaccinations to uninsured or underinsured children (birth to age 18) every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am - 6 pm, and Mondays from 6 - 9 pm. No appointment is required. For more information, call 231-935-6270

You baby’s health care provider and county health departments also offer immunizations by appointment, Vaccinations cannot be given without the child’s immunization record. Please be sure to bring your child’s immunization record with you.