Charlevoix Hospital Birthing Center

Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of life’s miracles. At Charlevoix Hospital Birthing Center, we help miracles happen every day. We put a high priority on making every aspect of your experience just right. We honor each mother’s preferences and requests as closely as we can while ensuring the safety of both mother and child. Our Birthing Center provides an intimate, family-centered childbirth experience.

Every detail is addressed, from our prenatal care and classes, to our well-appointed birthing rooms, our experienced doctors and nurses, and our postnatal breastfeeding support. You can be comfortable in your surroundings and confident in your care. Labor, delivery, postpartum care and recovery all take place in one beautiful, fully equipped room.

A Room with a View

Birthing Center patient room at Charlevoix Hospital

Each room offers a beautiful view of Lake Michigan, private bath with whirlpool, comfy home-like furnishings, and the most advanced medical equipment to ensure your safety, and your baby's well-being.

From the moment you step into our peaceful Birthing Center, you’ll know you are in a place where babies are treasured and celebrated.

Flexible Visiting Hours

Flexible visiting hours ensure that new dads, siblings, and grandparents share in the happiness of the birth experience, too. Dads are encouraged to spend the night.

Childbirth Preparation

Charlevoix Hospital's "Hello Baby" series of classes will help you and your loved ones prepare for childbirth. A single $50 fee* allows you to attend any or all of the classes below, except those marked "Call for details." Please call for details or click here to register online.

All classes meet in our Wellness Workshop located at 411 Bridge Street in downtown Charlevoix.

Private classes are considered on an individual basis. For additional information, or to register, call 231-547-8866.

"Labor Day" Boot Camp: This one-day class from 9 am - 3 pm covers all the basics for new parents. You will learn stages of labor, breathing and relaxation techniques for discomforts of labor, medication use, cesarean and postpartum care and birth plans. A tour of the hospital's beautiful birthing center is included. (Please note: Lunch is not provided.) We are also offering a weekday "Labor Day" Boot Camp on select dates. 

"Hello Baby!": This class from 7 - 8:30 pm covers the basics of how to care for your newborn while in the hospital and when you arrive home. Learn about diapering, bathing, medications and soothing techniques for baby. Lots of hands-on practice helps you get ready for parenthood.

Breastfeeding 101: This class from 7 - 9 pm provides practical information for moms who plan to breastfeed and those who are still undecided. Dads are welcome, too. Our lactation consultant will support you throughout your hospital stay and after you go home.

Brush Up for Baby: A Refresher: Designed for experienced parents who would like an update on labor and delivery procedures. Call 231-547-8866 for details.

Safety First (Car Seat): In this class from 7 - 9 pm, a certified child passenger safety technician will answer your car seat questions. If available, feel free to bring your car seat for a more hands-on experience. Don't have a car seat? You are welcome to use our practice one and ask questions before purchasing. Grandparents, doulas, nannies, and caregivers are welcome to attend. Call 231-547-8866 for details.

Safety First (CPR): In this class from 6:30 - 7:30 pm, life-saving CPR techniques for babies will be introduced. This class is held at Charlevoix Hospital, Classroom B in the Lower Level, as needed. Call 231-547-8866 for details.

Brothers & Sisters To Be: A fun way for parents and their children to prepare for life with a new baby. Appropriate for ages 2 - 12, this class includes creative play, art and videos showing the kids what to expect. You'll tour the Birthing Center, view a new baby, and receive a Big Brother/Big Sister hat and diploma. This class is held on demand and there is a $10 charge per child. Call 231-547-8866 for details.

*The $50 fee allows you to attend any or all of the classes. If you choose to only attend the "Brothers & Sisters To Be" classes, there is a $10 charge per child and the $50 overall fee is waived.