Charlevoix Hospital Birthing Center

At Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital, we’re honored to support you as you welcome your new family member.

Our birthing center is designed to keep you and your family comfortable during this part of your journey and our expert staff is on-hand throughout the entire process to ensure a safe delivery as closely aligned with your birthing plan as possible.  

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Nestled right outside of downtown Charlevoix on beautiful Lake Michigan, Munson Healthcare Charlevoix Hospital’s birthing center is your oasis for welcoming your new baby.

With expert OB/GYN providers and one-on-one support from our labor and delivery nurses, we’re here to be your partner  through labor and delivery – no matter what your journey looks like.  

Birthing Center patient room at Charlevoix Hospital Comfortable Rooms, Beautiful Views 

While you’re in our care, we want you to feel right at home. Throughout your labor and delivery experience, you and your support person will stay in one of our seven private labor, delivery, and recovery suites—this means you will stay in the same room throughout the entirety of your birthing and recovery experience.

Home-like Furniture

Equipped with comfortable, home-like furniture, the room includes new, foldout couches, a private bathroom with a whirlpool tub, as well as a state-of-the-art bassinette that will keep your newborn safe while not in your arms. 

Convenient Surgical Suite

Should you need a cesarian section, our birthing unit contains a full surgical suite. Your labor and delivery nurse will accompany you and your support person throughout the surgical process, and then you’ll be able to return to your room for recovery after the surgery is complete.  

Support for Your Support Person

During your stay, your support person will have access to our nourishment room complete with food and beverages, and a cafeteria with 24/7 vending machines is available just down the hall from the unit. Visitors will have access to a spacious, comfortable waiting room when you are resting or need privacy.  

Bonding With Your Baby

After delivery, our staff will support you in the “Golden Hour” - an uninterrupted hour of skin-to-skin contact with your newborn to help enhance bonding and help your newborn adapt to their new environment. Should you need our team’s support at any time during your stay, we are just a call away.  

Lake Michigan Views

Home-Like Atmosphere

Home Like Atmosphere

Lake Michigan Views

Safety and Security

Safety & Security

Safety and Security 

It is our top priority to keep you and your new family member safe while you’re in our care. 

During your labor, you’ll be outfitted with monitoring equipment that helps our team keep an eye on you and your baby’s vital signs during the process. This helps us make decisions to keep you and your baby comfortable and safe. 

After your baby is born, we utilize a state-of-the-art infant security system to provide the real-time location tracking your baby, ensure parent/baby match, and protect against any unauthorized exit of your baby from the birthing center.    

When it's time to head home, our team conducts a car seat check to ensure your newborn is ready to safely travel.  

Here for You Before and After Giving Birth 

We’re here for you throughout your whole journey. Join our team for a birthing suite tour and in-person and virtual course options including car seat safety, infant CPR, breastfeeding, baby care essentials, and more! 


Childbirth and Baby Classes and Events


Your relationship with our team doesn’t end after birth. Our team is here for you with an abundance of resources to keep you and your baby happy and healthy.

Lactation Consultant

After delivery in the hospital and post-discharge, our certified lactation consultant is available to help you navigate breastfeeding.

Physical Therapy

Postpartum mothers can also often benefit from pelvic floor therapy. Ask your provider about a referral to our physical therapy resources available right here at Charlevoix Hospital.

Mental Health Support

Resources are available within the Munson Healthcare system for concerns about postpartum anxiety, depression, or other psychological concerns. Always talk to your provider when you don’t feel like yourself. 

We can’t wait to support you and your family throughout this journey! 


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