Longitudinal Curriculum for the Munson Family Practice Residency Program


Longitudinal Curriculum

Behavioral Science

Psychosocial reviews, behavioral precepting, monthly lectures, academic weeks.


All residents take weekend call on a rotating basis averaging every fourth weekend.

Community Medicine

Academic weeks, home visits, community projects.

Computer Competency

Online literature searching, computer-aided instruction, internet, word processing, database management.

End-of-life Care

Primary responsibility of patients in nursing homes, palliative care and hospice. Hospice elective available.


Family Practice Center and hospital exposure to many learning experiences, with emphasis on key ethical values, critical thinking, reflective skills, and communication with patients and family. Lectures and case reviews.

Family Practice Ambulatory Continuity Care

All levels of residents are scheduled daily at the Family Practice Center.

PGY 1: 4 - 5 hours/week

PGY 2: 8 - 10 hours/week

PGY 3: 15 hours/week

Osteopathic Principles

Monthly osteopathic manual medicine lecture/workshops.

Practice Management

Lecture series, practice management meetings, academic weeks.

Presentation Skills

Case presentation training, lecture training, PowerPoint presentations.

Preventive Medicine

Lectures, preventive medicine precepting.


All residents complete a research project/paper before graduation from the residency.