International Medicine with the Munson Family Medicine Residency


International Medicine

Many of our residents and faculty have experience in international medicine and an enthusiasm for providing health care to international communities, especially underserved populations.

Past residents have traveled to Belize, Guatemala, Nepal, Japan, Malawi, and Kenya.

PCEA Chogoria Hospital in Chogoria, Kenya

Munson Family Medicine Residency Program has established a relationship with PCEA Chogoria Hospital in Chogoria, Kenya. Residents and faculty travel to Chogoria biannually and are financially supported by grant funding through the residency program.

Residents work alongside Kenyan physicians and nurses to serve the people of Chogoria. Additionally, we have provided medical and educational supplies to the hospital and computers to the Chogoria Complex Elementary School.

In the past, residents have also traveled with Village HopeCore to a small, nearby community to assist in the care of AIDS orphans.

In 1922, Dr. Clive Irvine and a group of Scottish missionaries established the PCEA Chogoria Hospital. It is located within a gated campus; a medical community that provides treatment for a variety of maladies. The inpatient wards include general medicine, pediatrics, surgery, and obstetrics. The outpatient clinics are diverse with specialty clinics for each inpatient ward, as well as clinics devoted to care and counseling of HIV/AIDS and TB patients.

At PCEA Chogoria Hospital, each in-patient ward is staffed by a team containing medical officers (doctors in training), clinical officers (the equivalent of physician assistants in training), nurses, nursing students and physiotherapists. Two days a week, specialized supervising physicians (attending physicians) spend several hours working with the team managing the ward.

Rounding with the team is a wonderful learning opportunity. Rounds typically begin at 9 am Monday – Thursday. Friday rounds begin at 7 am and are followed by a social gathering to enjoy “tea” at the Safari Café across the street from the hospital. Didactics are scheduled Tuesday – Thursday from 8 - 9 am.

Resident and attending physicians from MFPC utilized some of the scheduled didactic time to present lecture material on topics requested by the clinical staff at the hospital. In addition, the residency has provided the hospital with over 100 lectures (in PowerPoint format) on a donated laptop for continued learning.

Dr. Klee with Emily Vogt donating equipment
Dr. David Klee and Emily Vogt, PGY III donating medical equipment to the physicians of PCEA Chogoria Hospital.

Dr. Klee and PCEA staff
Dr. David Klee (Munson Family Medicine Residency Faculty) rounding at PCEA Chogoria Hospital.