Working Together to Improve Children’s Health

The Northern Michigan Pediatric Coalition connects members of the medical community and other organizations that focus on the health and well-being of children in rural northern Michigan.

The coalition was formed in 2001 and represents 24 counties in the northern Lower Peninsula and the eastern portion of the Upper Peninsula. The group meets annually to discuss common issues related to pediatric care, shares resources, and works together to meet the needs of pediatric patients and providers.

The goal of the Northern Michigan Pediatric Coalition is to share knowledge and resources, and to provide opportunities for northern Michigan pediatric providers to align with other support and program providers across disciplines and communities to improve outcomes for children and families across the region.

An Expanding Focus

The Northern Michigan Pediatric Coalition has traditionally been education-based and focused on pediatric medical topics to promote improved and consistent care throughout the region. However, growth of the Northern Michigan Pediatric Coalition in recent years has sought to leverage pediatric providers in leading community and provider-wide conversations, most recently focusing on prevention of behavioral health issues and support topics.

As a result, the target audience for the Northern Michigan Pediatric Coalition has expanded to include not only pediatric medical care providers, including pediatricians and family medicine providers, but also outreach to professionals in community mental health, education, public health, and other providers and family support agencies and disciplines.

Contact Us

For more information about the coalition or upcoming events, call 231-935-5645.