TurningPoint Technology

To reserve the TurningPoint Technology and Equipment (Clickers and Receiver) you must first complete user training on this product through Staff Development.

Reservation requests must be received 5 business days prior to your meeting.  This equipment cannot be reserved more than 90 days in advance.  Once your request has been processed an appointment will be sent to your Outlook calendar for equipment pick up and to complete the sign-out process. 

Following is the agreement you will be required to sign when picking up the equipment. 

I understand that in requesting use and checking-out of the TurningPoint technology and equipment that I will:

  • Use it for appropriate Munson business only
  • Be responsible for ensuring it is used properly to prevent damage
  • Not give it to anyone else for use while signed out under my name
  • Return it in the same good condition as it was when released to me

Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in future loss of the privilege to use the Turning Point technology and equipment.   Also, if any of the TurningPoint Technology equipment is damaged or lost while in your possession, your department will be responsible for the cost of replacing it ($700.00 for receiver, $60.00 for each clicker)

For more Information

Please contact Carol Brown in Staff Development at 231-935-6826 or cbrown4@mhc.net.