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Munson Healthcare Foundations Receive $50,000 Gift

Published on Jul. 24, 2019

Munson Healthcare Foundations recently received a generous $50,000 donation from The Rotary Club of Elk Rapids.

The Elks Club voted unanimously to donate $25,000, with a $25,000 match from individual members, to support the Family Birth and Children’s Center – a Munson Medical Center project expected to be completed over the next five years. The club has strongly supported multiple Munson Medical Center expansions over the years including $25,000 for the Cowell Family Cancer Center and $10,000 for cardiac rehabilitation equipment.

“The Rotary Club of Elk Rapids has always been guided by a small number of principles – one of them being: ‘Will it be beneficial to all concerned?’,” said Club President Tom Stephenson. “We’ve found that by supporting our regional health care system, specifically Munson Healthcare, we will not only improve the health of northern Michigan residents, but will additionally bring residents to the region. We are proud to have contributed to these expansions.” 

Munson Medical Center's Largest Expansion

In fall 2018, Munson Healthcare Foundations launched a public fundraising campaign for Munson Medical Center’s largest expansion to date. The estimated $80 million project involves constructing a new Family Birth and Children’s Center that includes a neonatal intensive care unit, as well as maternity and pediatrics units.

In addition, the construction would expand surgical, cardiovascular, and surgical services, grow regional cancer care, enhance areas of patient needs and community health, and update the Munson Manor Hospitality House. Munson Healthcare Foundations fundraising goal is $36 million. It has successfully raised $34.5 million. 

Visit The Next Chapter at Munson Medical Center to learn more about the Munson Medical Center expansion and how you can donate.