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Grayling Hospital Leadership

Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital Board of Trustees and members of the hospital’s senior leadership team work together toward a single purpose - ensuring Grayling Hospital delivers the best possible care for our community.

Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital 
Board of Trustees

Effective Jan. 1, 2020

Kim Morley - Chair
Susan Tyer - Vice Chair
Paul Mesack, DVM - Secretary/Treasurer
Kirsten Korth-White, President, Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital

Janet Bersted, RN
Gary Gandolfi
Sonja Handrich
Bill Hart
Thad Jackson, DO
Paul Lerg
Jim Mangutz, DDS
Anita Merchant
Ed Ness - CEO, Munson Healthcare
Ralph Oppermann, DDS
Alice Snyder

Munson Healthcare East Region Foundation Board of Directors

Effective July 2020

Phil Hofweber, Chair
Jen Mazur, Vice Chair
Bob Courtois, Secretary/Treasurer
David Briney
Judy Clyma
Paul Lerg
Jeff Nester
Barry Owens
Lori Reichard
Mary Sanders
Carolyn Study
Scott Weir
Tom Lemon - MHC East Region President
Kirsten Korth-White, President & CEO

Grayling Hospital Senior Leadership Team

Tom Lemon, President, East Region
Kirsten Korth-White, President and CEO
Aditya Neravetla, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer
Jennifer Fuhrman, Risk Manager/Safety Officer/Accreditation
Mike Hodnett, BSN, RN, Director, Nursing Services
Michael Johnson, Director of Physician Network Operations
Sandy Dilley, East Region Director, Human Resources
Paul Smith, East Region Director, Physician Network
Damon Sorenson, East Region Director, Finance
Chris Squire, East Region VP, Professional & Ancillary Services