Amazing Heart Care: Traveling the World with Heart Failure


Amazing Heart Care: Traveling the World with Heart Failure

Kate Trainer of Traverse City traveled the world pursuing her love of birds. She thought her traveling days were over after a diagnosis of idiopathic heart failure and several relapses and hospitalizations. Dino Recchia, MD, FACC and the heart team in the Heart Failure Program in Traverse City recommended implanting a CardioMEMS device.

This brand-new technology allows patients like Kate the ability to travel and carry on a normal life. Today, Kate plugs in the machine and a daily reading is sent to her heart team. She receives expert heart care regardless of where the birds are flying.

What is the CardioMEMS Device?

The CardioMEMS device is implanted into a patient's coronary artery. Each day the patient plugs in the machine and a reading is automatically sent to the expert cardiologists at the Heart Failure Program. This heart failure technology gives patients their life back with fewer hospital visits while keeping them connected with their heart care team. Learn more about heart failure technology available through the Heart Failure Program in Traverse City.


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