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Our Specialties


Our team of cardiologists, each board certified, provides consultations, treatment plans, and follow-up for most heart conditions. They also provide second opinions for those who wish to receive another viewpoint. If there is a clinical trial available, our providers discuss these opportunities with patients who may be eligible. In addition to seeing patients at their Sixth Street office in Traverse City, many of our cardiologists travel to locations across northern Michigan to serve you.


Cardio-oncology is the intersection of heart conditions in patients who have been treated for cancer. Cardiologists can assess patients for potential risk of developing heart conditions if patients take certain types of cancer drugs, or following radiation treatment to the chest.


IAC Accredited Facility - Echocardiography Electrophysiology (EP) is a branch of cardiology that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. These physicians have received additional training and board certification in advanced echocardiography from the National Board of Echocardiography to ensure patients receive the highest level of diagnostic care.

Nuclear Cardiology

American College of Radiology - Nuclear Medicine Accredited Facility Nuclear cardiology uses non-invasive techniques to assess blood flow, evaluate the pumping function of the heart as well as visualize the size and location of a heart attack. Our nuclear cardiologists have received additional training ensuring expert interpretation of diagnostic nuclear studies. Our ACR accredited nuclear cardiology on-site lab guarantees professional, convenient, and personalized care. Our nuclear camera is specially formatted for nuclear cardiology and recent upgrades allow us to accommodate a wider range of patients.   

Pacemaker and ICD Clinic

Heart Rhythm Society Our pacemaker/ICD clinic provides education, follow-up assessment, and care for all patients with implanted devices. Ongoing monitoring is an essential part of the care of patients with a pacemaker or an internal cardiac defibrillator (ICD). Our specially trained pacemaker/ICD clinical team will carefully monitor your device and work with your cardiologist to solve any concerns.

Vascular Radiology

IAC Accredited Facility - Vascular Testing A specialist in Vascular and Interventional Radiology diagnoses and treats diseases with the use of various radiologic imaging technologies, including digital radiography, CT, sonography, and MRI. Therapies include angioplasty, stent placement and thrombolysis.


Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation Traverse Heart & Vascular has an on-site, vascular ultrasound laboratory accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL) which provides diagnostic testing for various types of vascular diseases. Our cardiologists hold special credentials in vascular ultrasound interpretation and treatment of vascular disease. Our registered vascular technicians are specially trained in vascular testing which is performed on a state-of-the-art digital imaging system. 


American Board of Vascular Medicine The medical specialty of vascular technology utilizes diagnostic ultrasound to generate images of blood flow within the veins and arteries. 

All exams are non-invasive and include:

  • Carotid Artery Ultrasound 
  • Abdominal Aortic Ultrasound 
  • Lower/Upper Extremity Arterial Ultrasound

Cardiovascular Perspectives

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