Amazing Heart Care: Medication Therapy Instead of a Heart Transplant

Jerry Cattaneo of Gaylord runs a machine shop and was shocked to learn that he might need a heart transplant. He was fairly healthy, but undetected heart disease led to an enlarged heart. He was one of the first patients at the Heart Failure Program in Traverse City and put his life in the hands of expert cardiologists. Dino Recchia, MD, FACC recommended trying medication therapy first. Jerry and his wife cried happy tears as they learned the results of his echocardiogram. The heart treatment plan was working! Watch below as Jerry shares his experience working with the cardiology team at Munson Medical Center.



What is Heart Medication Therapy?

Sometimes heart surgery is the best option for heart failure, but other times medication therapy through the Heart Therapy Program can prevent major surgery. Like Jerry, many patients have experienced life-saving heart therapy instead of life-changing surgery. The team of cardiologists at Munson Healthcare look at many variables and recommend the best option after discussing with a team of experts. Medication therapy may be ideal if you have been diagnosed with heart failure. Learn more about what's offered at the Heart Failure Program.


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