Mio Primary Care

Healthy Families can rely on the expert providers at Mio Primary Care for wellness advice, routine check-ups, illness and injury treatment, prevention, and more. Our physicians and nurse practitioners are here to build strong relationships and ensure patients receive trusted care close to home. 

We're dedicated to helping you and your family feel absolutely amazing.

Our primary care providers are accepting new patients. Schedule your appointments or new patient orientation by calling 989-344-5820


  • Ellen Buchler, FNP, Family Medicine
  • Anne Bumbalough, LPC, NCC, Behavioral Health 
  • Carl Schubert, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology


Contacts and Locations

Mio Primary Care 1321 S. Mt. Tom Rd. Mio, MI 48647
989-344-5820 231-392-7338
Hours Monday- Wednesday 8am - 5pm


  • Primary Care
  • Lab Services
  • Behavioral Health Services every Wednesday 
  • OB Services every Monday