Hospice Care and Support for the Entire Family

Munson Healthcare Hospice helps patients and their families find comfort and peace during the final phase of life. Our dedicated care teams tailor each person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual care to their individual quality-of-life goals. Accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP), Munson Healthcare Hospice meets national standards for care quality, operational management, health outcomes, and more.

Our full-time Medical Director and many of our physicians are certified in hospice and palliative care. They work together with a dedicated team of specially trained hospice nurses, aides, counselors, and other caregivers to help the entire family.

Offered in 23 northern Michigan counties, our services are available in Munson Healthcare’s Hospice House in Traverse City or in any place you call home.

Connect to Hospice Services: 800-252-2065

What is Hospice?

Hospice begins when a person decides to stop pursuing a cure for a terminal condition, or treatment is no longer effective. Services typically include physician directed care teams, medications, supplies, and equipment related to a hospice diagnosis.

The earlier hospice care begins, the more beneficial it is for both patient and their loved ones. Munson Healthcare Hospice can answer all of your questions about the services available and the benefits of hospice care.

Hospice is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and many private insurance companies.

Hospice House: Bringing Families Together

If your loved one prefers hospice care outside their home or is not able to remain in their home, Munson Healthcare’s licensed Hospice House is a beautiful alternative.

This eight-bedroom home is tucked in a quiet, wooded area near Munson Medical Center in Traverse City. Comfortable private rooms offer space for family and friends to gather, as well as a covered porch with a beautiful natural view. A meditation room and a family lounge with a fireplace, kitchen, and dining area are also available. Family members are welcome at any time.

Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance covers the hospice care provided at Hospice House, although the daily room and board rate usually is not covered. Financial assistance may be available to eligible applicants.

Experienced Hospice Team

To personalize care for you and your family, the team at Munson Healthcare Hospice includes:

  • Medical Director and hospice physicians who oversee patient care in coordination with the patient’s primary care physician.
  • Nurses who provide comprehensive care management wherever the patient resides — at home, at Hospice House, or in other care settings.
  • Hospice aides who assist nurses and ensure each person’s basic needs are met — such as bathing and other personal care.
  • Social workers who offer support and community resources for the entire family.
  • Spiritual care advisors who respect and support the spiritual needs and beliefs of patients and their families.
  • Volunteers who give respite care, household support, comforting conversation, and other assistance to patients and their families.
  • Bereavement counselors who provide ongoing family support for as long as 13 months following the death of their loved one.

Trust in Our Hospice Care

As your local community hospice team, please don’t hesitate to call us at any time. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 800-252-2065.

To refer a loved one to Munson Healthcare Hospice, call us or complete our convenient online referral form.

Grief and Bereavement Support

Our team provides hospice bereavement support services and grief support opportunities. Learn more about these services.

View Grief Support Groups

Rewarding Volunteer Opportunities

Munson Healthcare Hospice actively seeks volunteers who would like to bring comfort and support to patients and their families throughout northern Michigan. Learn more about how you can make a difference.

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