Tips for Finding Affordable Testing Supplies

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Ask which meter brand your insurance company prefers.

Got a free meter from a friend or a promotional offer? Great. But if the strips aren't a preferred brand on your insurance plan, you may be paying more for the strips than you need to. Always make sure you're using a preferred brand.

Ask if your strips and testing supplies are covered under the prescription benefit or under the durable medical equipment (DME) company benefit. This will guide you to the location were you will get the supplies covered.

  • If supplies are covered under the prescription benefit, then choose a pharmacy.
  • If supplies are covered under the durable medical equipment benefit, then choose a DME.

2. Consider Mail Order Pharmacies

Your insurance plan may discount your copay if you go through a mail order pharmacy to buy test strips.

3. Shop Around for the Best Deals in Town

Prices may vary on certain brands at different pharmacies.  

Certain retail pharmacies may also carry lower-cost glucometers and strips.

Check out the Diabetes Forecast magazine's annual Consumer’s Guide.

4. Ask Your Primary Care Physician How Often You Need to Test

If you are not on insulin, you may not need to test more than once per day, or even every day. 

Or your primary care physician may only need you to test three times per day and not six. Make sure you are not paying for extra strips.

5. Make Sure Your Prescription is for the Correct Number of Strips and Meter Brand

If your physician has written for 21 days’ worth of strips, you end up paying for the rest of the month's supply out of your own pocket. That cost can add up! 

Having the correct number of strips on the prescription means that the whole month's supply will only cost you one copay.

6. Look into Discount Programs Directly from the Meter Manufacturer

Many companies offer discounts on strip co-pays or free/reduced-price meters. Compare these programs to your insurance benefits and see what works best for you financially. Some restrictions do apply so don't forget to read the fine print.