Inpatient Nutrition Services


Inpatient Nutrition Services

Munson Healthcare hospitals in Cadillac, Charlevoix, Frankfort, Grayling, Gaylord, Manistee, and Traverse City are staffed with registered dietitians who serve as a great resource for patients and clinicians. Registered dietitians work throughout the hospital to ensure patients have the nutritional support they need to heal, recover, and thrive. Registered dietitians primarily play three key roles in caring for hospitalized patients: screening for malnutrition, nutrition support services, and patient education.

Malnutrition Screening  

Within hours of a hospitalization, nurses will assess their patient’s nutritional status by completing a nutrition risk screening. Based on the results, clinical staff may ask a registered dietitian to conduct an additional screening for malnutrition. The registered dietitian works with the patient’s entire health care team to help solidify a diagnosis and create a care plan to help improve the patient’s nutritional health, including dietary supplements as well as intravenous and tube feedings.

Nutrition Support Services

Patients suffering from severe malnutrition, bowel obstruction, or other gastrointestinal conditions, may require total parenteral nutrition (TPN) through a central venous catheter. These patients are monitored closely by registered dietitians who evaluate their condition daily. Four dietitians at Munson Medical Center have an additional year of training and are certified nutrition support clinicians.     

Patient Education

Registered dietitians work directly with patients to teach them how to make nutritionally sound food choices. From the tiniest newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit to geriatric patients with specific nutritional needs, they provide information and devise plans to speed the recovery process, prevent disease, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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