Surgery, General


Experienced General Surgery Team for Improved Outcomes

Each year, thousands of patients get excellent results from general surgery procedures performed in Munson Healthcare’s state-of-the-art facilities. Our experienced surgeons offer open, endoscopic, and laparoscopic procedures — as well as other minimally invasive surgeries — for a wide range of conditions.  

Every surgeon is supported by a skilled team of board-certified anesthesiologists, certified registered nurse anesthetists, registered nurses, surgical technologists, and other specially trained clinical staff. Working together with surgeons and other providers throughout the Munson Healthcare system, we make sure every patient has an entire surgical team dedicated to their care.

Munson Healthcare’s surgical team helps ensure a successful procedure and recovery by using advanced diagnostic tools, as well as progressive pre- and post-surgery care.

Advanced Technology for Skilled Diagnosis

Effective surgery begins with an accurate diagnosis. Munson Healthcare surgical services has the latest imaging and other diagnostic technology to identify your specific condition, including:

  • Computerized tomography (CT)
  • Core needle biopsy
  • Digital mammography
  • Endoscopic imaging
  • Interventional radiology for cardiology services
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Nuclear medicine
  • PACS image storage
  • PET-CT imaging
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray

Our imaging technologists have extensive clinical training and are part of a dedicated team that provides imaging clarity for an accurate diagnosis. That means you receive exceptional care from the time you arrive, until the results are shared with you by your surgeon.

Complete, Individualized Care Before and After Surgery

Munson Healthcare is committed to delivering complete care before and after your surgery.

Before any general surgery, you will meet with a nurse to go over specific instructions and learn what to expect. This conversation usually lasts about 30 minutes, and gives you a good chance to ask any questions you might have.

In some cases, you’ll be assigned a nurse navigator. Our specially trained nurse navigators gather important information, help you better understand the process, and follow your progress during and after your surgery.

General Surgery Conditions Treated

Munson Healthcare’s experienced general surgeons perform many procedures, from routine to complex. Some of the most common conditions we treat include:

  • Appendicitis
  • Breast cancer
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Colon cancer
  • Colon inflammation
  • Colostomy/ileostomy reversal
  • Endocrinological disease
  • Enlarged/ruptured spleen
  • Gallstones/gallbladder disease
  • Gastroesophageal reflux (acid reflux, chronic heartburn, GERD)
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Hernia (hiatal, inguinal, ventral)
  • Incontinence
  • Lipoma
  • Liver disease
  • Port-a-cath insertion/removal (for chemotherapy)
  • Skin cancer/mole removal
  • Thyroid disease
  • Vasectomy

You can expect the best in attentive and personalized care while having your procedure performed in one of our state-of-the-art surgical suites located throughout northern Michigan.

Supporting Your Recovery

One of our top goals is to help you get back to your normal activities as soon as possible.

That’s why your nurse navigator or one of our Munson Healthcare team members will call within 24 hours of your discharge to follow-up with you at home. We want to make sure that your successful recovery has begun, be certain you understand your post-operative care plan, and answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Learn More about Surgery at Munson Healthcare

Most patients need a referral for general surgery from their primary care physician or specialist. Talk to your primary care physician for a referral to one of our surgeons near you.


Meet our General Surgery Team