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50 Years and Counting: Pharmacy Technician

Published on Nov. 05, 2022

Rosie Woods, Certified Pharmacy Technician, this November, celebrates 52 years at Munson Medical Center serving patients.

After graduating from Traverse City High School in 1970, Rosie’s mom who worked at Munson Medical Center in housekeeping, told her to take the summer off and enjoy herself. 

Getting Started at Munson Medical Center

However, once October rolled around, her mom decided it was time to make a change.  “My mom came home from work one day and tossed a paper in my lap and said get a job!” she said. Rosie looked at the job information not knowing that she would be working at Munson Medical Center almost 52 years later.

Trying Different Roles and Learning New Skills

Rosie started in dietary but an opening as a clerk in Pharmacy became available that perked her interest. Rosie landed the job and continued to learn while working her way up to a pharmacy technician. Working the midnight shift, Rosie supports the pharmacists by filling orders that the pharmacists check first, making deliveries to the floors, answering phone calls, and fielding as many questions as possible for the pharmacy team.

“Throughout my career, I’ve always enjoyed working midnights. It’s a small core group and I really love the people I work with; we are like a family. They are a big reason I enjoy coming to work every day,” she said. “I’m still learning at my age which is rewarding. There are always new medications to learn about and how they affect the body. The pharmacists are great at answering questions.”

Why Rosie Stays at Munson Medical Center

For Rosie, there have been many times where she has been reminded why she works at Munson Medical Center.

“The team I work with is always willing to listen when I have a question or concern about a medication, and I appreciate the teamwork and collaboration we share,” she said. “I have had several family members and friends receive care at Munson and they have all had good experiences. I even met my husband here.”