COVID-19 Breakthrough Infection: Should you be Worried?


Vaccines are highly effective in the fight against COVID-19. While rare, it is possible for fully vaccinated people to still get infected. These cases are called vaccine breakthrough infections. It's important to note that while vaccines work to prevent serious illness, no vaccine prevents sickness 100% of the time.

“We are seeing breakthroughs, but they continue to be rare,” said Christopher Ledtke, MD Munson Healthcare Infectious Disease Section Chief. “About 2% of fully vaccinated individuals develop COVID-19. The infections in breakthrough cases are typically mild. It is extremely unlikely to develop a hospitalization or death if fully vaccinated.”

Why are breakthrough cases increasing?

Dr. Ledtke explains that as we are seeing an increase in the number of people who are vaccinated, the number of breakthrough cases will also increase. For example, if the risk of a vaccinated person experiencing a breakthrough case of COVID-19 is about 2%, and the vaccinated population is 1,000 people, then around 20 people would develop a breakthrough case. If the vaccinated population rises to 100,000 people, then about 2,000 people would develop a breakthrough infection in that population.

“That's the nature of statistics,” explains Dr. Ledtke. “As the population of vaccinated folks gets larger, the more documented breakthroughs will be reported.”

If breakthrough infection is possible, why vaccinate?

“Vaccines are very effective,” said Joe Santangelo, MD, Munson Healthcare Chief Quality and Safety Officer. “Of the people who are getting COVID-19 after being vaccinated, most are having a much milder course than they would have if they didn’t get vaccinated in the first place. This is common in all vaccines, and this is partly why sometimes we have to get boosters for certain vaccines — because they lose effectiveness over time.”

In short, getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is one of the best ways to build community immunity and prevent yourself from experiencing severe symptoms.

Why You Should Get  the COVID-19 Vaccine

How can I keep myself and my loved ones safe?

The combination of getting vaccinated and wearing a mask continues to be the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19. In addition, frequent handwashing and social-distancing are proven ways to help prevent COVID-19.

Questions about breakthrough infections?

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