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Hope After Being Diagnosed with Heart Failure

Published on Feb. 01, 2019

Jennie Stead from Roscommon just wanted her life back after getting diagnosed with obstructive pulmonary disease - a form of heart failure. She started pulmonary therapy at Otsego Memorial Hospital in Gaylord and the team noticed her heart rate was dangerously low. A cardiologist from Munson Medical Center traveled from Traverse City to Houghton Lake to perform an EKG to confirm her worst fears: she needed immediate surgery to implant a pacemaker. The surgery was successful and gave her hope despite a scary diagnosis.


What is Heart Failure?

Patients experience heart failure when their heart is no longer pumping as strongly or filling as efficiently. Heart failure will not go away on its own, but can be managed through heart therapies or surgery. The goal is to extend the life of patients like Jennie so they can remain active and return to a thriving life. Learn more about the symptoms of heart failure and treatment options available.


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