Year of the Nurse: ‘Little Moments’ are Important


Miranda Winowiecki, RN, CCRN, does not shy away from challenges. She was training for her first Ironman 70.3 earlier this year until the competition was cancelled due to the pandemic. 

A nurse in Munson Medical Center’s Intensive Care Unit, her nursing journey began as an aide on a surgical floor and after graduating from Northwestern Michigan College, she joined the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. She is now completing her bachelor of nursing degree from Grand Valley State University. 

'Unique opportunities'

“I originally decided to become a nurse to get experience in the medical field and explore where nursing could take me,” she said. “Once I started working as a nurse assistant, I realized all the unique opportunities that nursing presents. I have been enjoying the progression of my career and am excited to see what the future holds.” 

Her first few years in nursing have taught her a lot about caring for patients. “I’ve learned how important the little moments I spend with my patients and their families are, and how those moments communicate a nonverbal, ‘I will take care of you,’” she said. “Realizing that not everyone has the opportunity to care for people at their most vulnerable moments in life has given me both a sense of pride in my profession and humbled me.” 

Team-centered care

She characterizes the nursing care at Munson Medical Center as team-centered and one that provides a very supportive environment for nurses beginning their career. “Starting here as a new graduate in 2018 was a very positive experience and I always felt that my peers fostered my growth as an RN. I also can't help but notice the support and accolades about nursing I hear from community members.”

In this World Health Organization declared “Year of the Nurse” she characterizes the recognition as a celebration of the nursing profession and an opportunity to highlight the contributions nurses make on behalf of their patients' outcomes.

“During this pandemic, nurses from all different backgrounds and specialties at Munson Medical Center are able to collaborate and come together as a team and demonstrate the quality care we can provide for our patients,” she said. “It’s a privilege to be part of this effort.”