PerfectServe: Telmediq, Lightning Bolt

Munson Launching New Paging Solution on June 18, 2024

In response to provider and clinician feedback regarding the ongoing challenges with Spok Mobile, a multidisciplinary Munson Healthcare team evaluated several technology solutions for clinical paging and on-call scheduling. PerfectServe, rated best-in-class, was selected as it best met our identified needs.

PerfectServe is the umbrella solution for two applications: Telmediq (paging) and Lightning Bolt (on-call scheduling).
•    Telmediq will replace both Spok Mobile and SmartWeb for paging/texting/mass messaging.
•    Lightning Bolt will replace SmartWeb and Qgenda for on-call scheduling.

If you use paging for your role, Telmediq, available as phone app or desktop version, is the replacement for Spok Mobile and SmartWeb as of June 18. The following Healthcare Team members are required to download the Telmediq app for their role: on-call providers, leaders, IT staff, and on-call Corporate Communications and Marketing staff. Although it is NOT REQUIRED for the rest of the Healthcare Team, the opportunity is being offered to improve real-time communication, especially during urgent situations.

If you currently use the Spok Mobile app for paging, please wait until after June 18 to remove Spok as Telmediq will not have full functionality until June 18.

Although optional training is being offered, like many Smartphone applications, Telmediq's paging app and website are very intuitive and user-friendly, allowing many to learn through use.

Educational Resources


How to Download Telmediq App


Job Aids

Telmediq for Paging | Web Console (click to open):
Telmediq for Paging | iOS Apple (click to open):
Telmediq for Paging | Android (click to open):
Lightning Bolt for On-Call Scheduling (click to open):
Additional Job Aids for ALL Healthcare Team (click to open):
Additional Job Aids for Providers, Nurses, and Clinical Staff (click to open):


Optional Training

HealthStream module with training videos 

  • 3 courses: website, Android app, iOS (Apple) app
  • For step-by-step instructions on how to access HealthStream, read the job aid.

PerfectServe Mobile Apps Training Video | Telmediq, Lightning Bolt


Support: Encountering issues downloading Telmediq? Call the Help Desk at 231-935-6053.

General or clinical questions? Contact