Neurology Headache E-Consults

The e-consult model will allow patients to receive neurology-guided headache care through a primary care provider (PCP); eliminating the need to be referred to the neurology office for a consult. The e-consult involves a records review by a neurologist with a subsequent written and optional verbal discussion for the referring provider. With an e-consult, the neurologist will work directly with the PCP, and will not have direct interaction with the patient. 

How does it work? 

1. PCP identifies a patient needs a headache e-consult

2. PCP obtains and records verbal and recorded consent for the e-consult and billing.

3. PCP completes referral for e-consult. Please include: 

  • Office note containing relevant history, exam, and medical decision making
  • Reports for any relevant imaging
  • Questionnaire: found in eCW, Cerner, or print a copy

4. MA/Office faxes or direct trust medical records to Dr. Erica Austin: 
Fax: 231-935-2438 | Direct Trust: erica.austin@meg.eclinicaldirectplus.com

5. Neurology review and responds typically within two weeks, with consults addressed on Thursday afternoons. If you would like to discuss the consult verbally, Dr. Austin is available from 12:40-4:20 pm on Thursdays. Other times are available by request. If you have an urgent request, please email Dr. Austin directly.

5. Neuro office will send consult notes to the PCP. 

6. PCP will follow-up with the patient.

What the patient needs to know: 

  • The interprofessional consult with a neurologist is a billable service that may result in a copay.
  • The patient  should understand this does not establish a doctor-patient relationship with the neurologist. 


Have an idea for an e-consult in another specialty?

Contact your service line executive director or Chelsea Szafranski