Manistee Hospital Leadership


Manistee Hospital Leadership

Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital Board of Trustees and members of the hospital’s senior leadership team work together toward a single purpose – ensuring Manistee Hospital delivers the best possible care for our community.

Community Healthcare Council

Brian Postma, Chair
J. Ben Hengy
Beth McCarthy
Kellie Parkes
Robert Barry
Amy Wojciechowski PhD
Scott Ward
Charles VandenBerg DO, Chief of Staff
Richard Wilson, Foundation Chair

Munson Healthcare Manistee Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

Richard Wilson, Chair
Stacie Bytwork
Barbara Gerson
Beth McCarthy
Brian McComb
Gini Pelton
Sally Somsel
Renee Veazey
Peter Marinoff, President, MHC South Region 
Kelly Tomaszewski, Community President, Manistee Hospital
Debra Henderson, President, Munson Healthcare Foundations

Senior Leadership Team

Peter Marinoff, South Region President
Kelly Tomaszewski, Community President
Cristen Brandsma, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer
Brian McComb, DO, Chief Medical Officer
Bobbi Pontz, South Region Director, Human Resources
Randy Hodges, Service Line Executive Director, Primary Care
Lynn Schutter, Regional Manager Marketing/Corporate Communications, Community Hospitals 
Stephanie Birgy, Regional Director of Finance, Community Hospitals