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Support the Patient Needs Fund

Financial bills and calculator Many times an illness or an accident happens without warning. It can be devastating to both patient and family and create the added burden of financial crisis. The Patient Needs Fund was created to provide welcome relief to patients and their families.

The Patient Needs Fund provides financial assistance for the urgent needs of patients during a health-related crisis. Medical social workers and case management staff identify and approve financial assistance through this fund, based on patient needs. Immediate assistance is often provided until other resources can be arranged in partnership with other human services agencies.

Assistance provided through the Patient Needs Fund includes:

  • Gas cards, which allow patients to travel to and from home for medical appointments.
  • Assistance with groceries, medications, rent/mortgage payments, utilities. 

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To learn how you can support patients in need, contact Munson Healthcare Foundations at 231-213-1150.

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