Host Your Own Digital Fundraiser

Looking for a unique and easy way to support Munson Healthcare?

Munson Healthcare Foundations is here to assist you with a successful digital fundraiser - we make it easy for you! A Foundations staff member will set up your own personal fundraising web page and suggest email and social media content for you to share. 

Personal digital fundraisers via the Munson Healthcare website are a great alternative to third-party fundraising platforms – like GoFundMe or Facebook Fundraisers. By creating a fundraiser through the Munson Healthcare website, you ensure:

  • 100% of your donation will be allocated to the fund of your choice. No fees associated or transactional costs. Most third-party fundraising platforms require a processing fee and/or take a percentage of donations.
  • Name recognition and Trust. Your web page will be set up directly on the Munson Healthcare website. Our secure platform provides important reassurance to prospective donors.
  • Those who donate to your personal fundraiser will receive an official “thank you” acknowledgement. A personal digital fundraiser through Munson Healthcare ensures donors are acknowledged and thanked appropriately in a timely manner.

Have questions or want to talk with someone?

If you have questions regarding personal digital fundraisers via Munson Healthcare’s website, please reach out to Kira Walkup at 231-213-1161 or

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