About Munson Healthcare Foundations


About Munson Healthcare Foundations

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Our Mission

The mission of Munson Healthcare Foundations is to inspire charitable support to enhance health care for the people of northern Michigan.

The Importance of Philanthropy

Philanthropy is vital to enhance and sustain healthcare in northern Michigan. Munson Healthcare Foundations donors help to provide the quality healthcare services that make our communities strong, healthy places to live.

Charitable giving provides up to 30 percent of the annual funding needed each year to ensure Munson Healthcare’s nonprofit hospitals maintain high quality services. Philanthropy makes it possible to upgrade facilities, maintain and expand services, and purchase emerging technology, all critical to recruiting physicians to rural northern Michigan.

Munson Healthcare Foundations oversee philanthropic support for Cadillac Hospital, Charlevoix Hospital, Grayling Hospital, Manistee Hospital, Munson Medical Center, Otsego Memorial Hospital, and Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital, as well as Munson Healthcare Hospice and Munson Manor Hospitality House.

Munson Healthcare Foundations serves patients and families in 30 counties across northern Michigan. Fundraising, as well as grants from organizations and agencies, provides millions of dollars in support to the healthcare system each year.   

We are grateful to have support from 100 percent of our board members, as well as strong annual support from our growing list of community friends and our employees.