Manistee Hospital Employee Giving Voting (formerly WISH)

The Manistee Hospital employee giving program, formerly known as WISH, allows employees to nominate and vote on equipment or non-capital hospital needs under $5,000. 

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Equipment Options

Obstetric Delivery Tables ($3,374)
Replacing two of the older delivery tables to use for deliveries ($1,687 each).

Hydraulic Hoyer Lift ($1,400)
The Hydraulic Hoyer Lift will assist hyperbaric oxygen therapy patients with mobility barriers in the Wound Clinic and MOB.

Portable Triage Phone ($400)
This portable triage phone would improve reliability of communication between the reception desk and Emergency Department.

Otoscopes ($1,200)
Replacing two portable otoscopes for the Emergency Department. This instrument has lighting and magnifying systems used for visual examination of the tympanic membrane and the canal connecting it to the exterior of the body ($600 each).

Manual Stand Aid ($2,900)
This device would be used to assist patients with mobility issues getting out of their vehicles and safely into the Emergency Department.

Temporal Thermometers ($2,100)
Purchasing six for the SDC/PACU. A temporal thermometer is a non-oral thermometer that can take body temperature ($350 each).

iPad Tablets ($578)
Purchasing two iPads for use by pediatric patients in the PCU. This would help reduce pediatric patients' anxiety by providing a distraction ($289 each).

Wall Art for Medical Surgery and PACU ($200)
Providing more age-appropriate art work for pediatric patients to increase their comfort during their appointments.

NIOX VERO Starter Kit ($3,655)
The NIOX VERO is a portable system for the non-invasive, quantitative, simple and safe measurement of Nitric Oxide in human breath. This measurement will help Ambulatory Services choose the best medication to successfully manage asthma. 
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