Bald and Beautiful - A Fund Razor for the Women's Cancer Fund

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

The hot summer hairdo this year is short…really short! This is the era of redefining beauty and supporting others, getting out of your comfort zone, and making a difference, so come shave your head with us, or just watch, and support a fantastic cause.

If you think being bald is bad, try going through cancer. We wanted to support the women who are supported by the Women’s Cancer Fund at Munson Healthcare, by not only joining them in unconventional beauty of a shiny bald dome, but by raising money to help with those unforeseen non-medical costs: rides to treatment, child care, house cleaning during surgery recovery when you can’t use your arms. All those things that add to the stress. Let’s help alleviate some of that stress, and show how beautiful bald really is.

Come and watch (and enjoy Right Brain's delicious brews!) or join us in the siblinghood of the fearless follicle! The average need for those services is just $600, so we’re asking all of our shavers to raise $600 to help one deserving woman eliminate some of the unnecessary stress, so she can focus her super powers on the stress that she can’t avoid, ridding her body of cancer. Interested in shaving and raising? E-mail Anne

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