IRONMAN Team: Justin Mortier for Munson Manor Hospitality House

justin mortier and familyMunson Manor Hospitality House provides a home away from home to patients and their families while receiving treatment at Munson Medical Center. To support this mission, Justin Mortier, Jeremy Crum, and Dan Spalla are participating in the upcoming Ironman competition on September 12, 2021, in Frankfort, MI.

justin mortier and his son mac

Justin knows the importance of having a safe, comfortable place to stay during an unexpected medical event. His son, Mac, was born with complications and required extensive treatment at a children's hospital downstate. Justin and his wife stayed at a local hospitality house, which eliminated their need to travel and provided them with a space to relax after some of their most stressful days. This is why he's chosen to support Munson Manor - to ensure northern Michigan families like his will always have a place to stay while receiving medical care.

This will be the second Ironman competition Justin has competed in on behalf of Munson Manor! 

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All donations made in honor of Justin, Jeremy, and Dan will fund the important work of Munson Manor Hospitality House and the patients and families it serves.